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BigBizIT provides clever Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) features that you can manage yourself. With your Admin Login you can specify and maintain the Title, Description MetaTag and Keyword phrases for every page of your website.

For any ambitious small business, it is important to have a clear strategy for both your website and your social media presence in order to get yourself noticed.

Both Google and Bing (Yahoo uses the Bing Search Engine) have some rules to achieve this and some useful hints and tips including:

Good Content Visitors to interesting sites will tell their friends about it and increase site recognition. This has the greatest influence of any other factor.

Unique Accurate Page Titles A brief but relevant title informs your visitors and the Search Engines about the topic of a page.

The Description Metatag Include two or three sentences that expand on your page title. Google may use this as the snippet for your page when the search results are displayed.

HTML Sitemap and XML Sitemap File A simple HTML sitemap is useful for your visitors; this can be included in your BigBizIT footer. An XML sitemap will ensure a Search Engine finds all your pages.

Anchor Text When your visitor uses a link from your website to another website or Social Media site, this extra text allows a Search Engine to understand what link it is to follow.

Image Management Give your images descriptive file-names and always add an ‘alt tag’.

Use Heading Tags on your Pages This allows you to tell a Search Engine about the really important parts of your content.

Every BigBizIT website has a footer, the example below is split into three columns with a fully visible site map; but you can specify your own layout.

BigBizIT footer example

In the left column you can specify links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. If required, a click opens your page on each site (e.g. your Facebook page, your LinkedIn profile and so on.

You can manage these links easily with your Admin Login and an icon will only appear here if you tell it to.

Below is our Social Share Bar. This allows visitors to your website to share your content with their friends. To help them with their posts, your page title and description are automatically pre-filled.

The middle column is dedicated to navigation. The BigBizIT HTML sitemap makes navigation easy for your users. An XML version saved on your site provides the same for Search Engine crawlers. Anytime you change your site structure these are updated.

The final column is for a heading summary. Again your Admin Login lets you manage this yourself. BigBizIT publishes this summary paragraph as a heading tag.

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