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BigBizIT is on a mission to help small businesses gain the same advantages that big business has with their clever CRM systems. With BigBizIT Power Tools you can build Customer Relationship Management into your website. These tools are ideal for businesses who have customer loyalty at the heart of their vision.

By giving your customers their own Login to access ‘special features’ you encourage them to keep coming back and recommend you to others.

The special features that a Login provides can be any number of delights: the ability to request a booking by editing the calendar; access to personal information, a sales history or report of services used; desirable extras like short films, pictures, instructions or information.

Other Power Tools available include an Online Booking facility; Payment Management and a Sales Funnel, that allows you to guide your customer through the process of researching, decision making and purchasing. Why not include a technique used by big business to nudge the browser into becoming a consumer.

Is a BigBizIT website with POWERTOOLS the right product for me?
Advanced interactive features like the BigBizIT Power Tools are not for everybody, but we believe they will help support an ambitious growing business or those with a very special product or service.

Like Starlight Ferries - this business was started by crowdfunding and they needed Logins for their supporters and regular travellers; as well as an Online Booking service. BigBizIT even produces a Passenger Manifest that lists the people who travel on each crossing.

BigBizIT is delighted to help this special community based project.

What does a BigBizIT POWER TOOLS website cost?
Start up costs depend on how much work you want to do yourself – once your BigBizIT Power Tools website is live, you pay just £25 per month for as long as you want it to be visible to the wide world.

If you decide to pay your monthly fees annually in advance, we give you 10% discount: that's just £270 a year.

Need your website to be even more interactive?
Drop us a line or give us a call – what you need may well be the new feature we are working on!

Feel you may only need a slightly less clever website?
Try the BigBizIT Tools.

Call : 01908 803045 or Email us

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