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This is the Site On A Page option, a quick and easy way to get your business details online.

Ideal if you are pushed for time and the perfect solution for businesses who think they don’t really need a website (!).

Having a SOAP is a bit like being listed in a powerful virtual phone book. Potential and existing customers can find your contact details quickly and easily on their smart phones and tablets. This makes it much easier for them to recommend you to friends.

Is a SOAP the right BigBizIT product for me?
Take a look at Charlie Soot’s SOAP page, Charlie is a classic SOAP user (not just because he has a dirty job).  

He’s a chimney sweep who works hard, but he is not particularly ambitious. He just wants to keep on sweeping chimneys. Now people can find his details easily online, even the folk who haven’t used him for a few years and have lost his number.

Charlie likes the BigBizIT contact form too, this just sends a quick e-mail to his smart phone and when he’s ready he can call the person back.

He gets fewer pointless enquiries now, because his SOAP details make it clear which area he covers and what he charges.

What does a BigBizIT SOAP cost?
Start up costs depend on how much work you want to do yourself – once your BigBizIT SOAP is live, you pay just £5 per month for as long as you want it to be visible to the wide world.

If you decide to pay your monthly fees annually in advance, we give you 10% discount: that's just £54 a year.

Not sure whether a single page is enough?
Take a look at the BigBizIT Simple site…

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