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DIY Websites

What does a DIY website cost?

You pay a one-off (non-returnable) fee of £10 to access the BigBizIT Editor and get started.

For your Domain Name you pay £15 per year. You tell us what names you have in mind and we will check availability and register the name for you.  As soon as you want to secure the name (or go live) you make the payment.

We can create a single ‘Coming Soon’ page for you, while you work on your layout and content – from now on you pay your monthly fees of £5 to £25 depending on which BigBizIT product you have chosen (SOAP, Simple, Tools or Power Tools).

How do I Do It Myself?

First you will need to gather together your business logo and any other artwork you have already commissioned or created. These can be provided as .JPG, .GIF, or .PNG files.

You will need to create a graphic for your header (which runs along the top of every page) and tell us what colours you'd like to appear in the framework of your site.

We will give you the dimensions of this graphic file and upload it for you and use the colours you specify to build your empty pages.

This ensures your website reflects the 'look and feel' of your business branding.

You need to think about how your website's structure and navigation. What are the menus and page names you'd like to use?

Next, you select the layout you would like for each of your pages. These can either:

  • be selected from a growing catalogue of pre-formatted pages with space already defined for your text and pictures; or
  • you can choose a blank page where you can create your own layout using tables to position blocks of text and pictures as required;
  • or you can ask us to estimate the cost of creating a new bespoke layout for you.

Whichever option you choose; you use the BigBizIT Editor to add text and upload pictures, exactly the way you like.

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